Max C. Onichak, NCARB, AEI
Principal Architect
HI   Lic. No. AR 6501     
  (805) 451-1235
Home Office: 76-6300 Kololia St.
Kailua Kona, HI 96740
1967 - American Institute of Architects (AIA)
1977 - Society of American Registered Architects (SARA)
1984 - National Council of Architectural Registration Board Certified (NCARB)
1989 - National Society of Architectural Engineers (NSAE)
1998 - Architectural Engineers Institute (AEI) - Founding Member
2002 - Light Gauge Steel Engineers Association (LGSEA)
2004 - The American Legion

"Making it Beautiful and Right Since 1971"

Our Professional Services Include


"Making it Beautiful"
Engineering............ "Making it Right"
Development.......... "Making it Complete"
3D Models............. "Making it Clear"

Architects Hawaii, Hawaii Architects, Big Island Architects, Kailua Kona Architects

We offer State-of-the-Art Computer Aided Design & Drafting which includes 3D Models - you can virtually walk around and through the building and see it as it REALLY IS instead of what it pretends to be BEFORE CONSTRUCTION BEGINS - the MOST IMPORTANT PHASE OF DEVELOPMENT.

Philosophy of Design

We believe in DESIGN GLOBALIZATION: common sense design that compliments the site, enhances the environment and satisfies its user's needs. Every person is part of nature. As long as they maintain a wholesome contact with the natural world they will be healthy in mind, body and spirit, as will be their culture. They will see more clearly the beauty, harmony, balance and rhythm in all things. Therefore, architecture is the space that surrounds us, that joins the space within ourselves encouraging us to expand with it. It is this space that gives us privacy and refuge as well as stimulation and excitement. "Architecture does not stop within the building, nor does it stop outside the door, but it continues on as far as the eyes can see.".......Frank Lloyd Wright.

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